Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A new poem

A trip to the Getty Center in the hills above the 405 freeway in Los Angeles inspired this poem. I've illustrated it with a couple of photos I took with my cell phone.

Getty Garden Bowl

Bougainvillea bowers
stand as sentinels
at the plaza’s edge,
as we start slowly
down the circular path.

The stream,
winding its way
amongst the rocks,
the hydrangea,
and tall yellow grass,
at our side.

We stop to peer
at the succulents beds,
their little puffed-leaves
arranged like swirling
rose petals,
in pale greens
tipped in blood red.

Finally we circle
to the bottom
where the azalea bowl
overflows in soft and hot pinks,
its blooms sucking in
the moisture of the pool


Unknown said...

That was a beautiful poem. I've never been to the Getty Center, but it looks amazing. When you mentioned the 405 Free way I cringed.

Have a great weekend Madeline.

madeline40 said...

Thank you, Sebastian. Really the 405 isn't so scary.

Have a great weekend yourself. xo