Monday, April 8, 2013

Visits to our "Family Home"

It’s been busy at our house lately. In the last several weeks we’ve had friends and family come over and visit and make use of our downstairs guest bedroom and bath. And that brings us great joy.

My sister arrived on Friday from Oregon two days after our cousins returned to their home in the Midwest, and they arrived just three weeks after our friend visited from Massachusetts.

With each set of visitors we showed parts of the Los Angeles area in keeping with their interests: the Stanley Kubrick exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the gardens at the Getty, Palos Verdes Peninsula and lunch at the gorgeous Terranea resort, the famous shopping street in Venice - Abbot Kinney Road, and a movie theater where we can get reserved seats in advance. And of course we are always proud to show them our little beach town complete with surfers, the pier, beach volleyball, long walks on the Strand, non-chain-store shopping, and hordes of restaurants.

I’m beginning to sound like a travel tour guide – that’s probably because of all the touring we’ve been doing lately.

It will be quiet here for a while, but I look forward to more visitors in late May. Now I understand more than ever why our house has been named the “Family Home.”

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