Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The April Poem A Day Challenge is back

I'm participating in Robert Lee Brewer's* month-long Poem A Day Challenge, as I've done each November and April for the last several years.

At this point my poems are just drafts, but it's fun just to get something down that I can tinker with once the challenge is over. 

Robert's prompts are always interesting. Here's a few poems I've written so far, following the days' prompts.

3. Write a tentative poem. The poem could be about a tentative date, a tentative person, a tentative situation. The narrator could be tentative. The subject could be tentative.

She once said,
I’ll pencil you in.
I bristled.
In fact, I erased her
from my calendar
and datebook entirely.
I’ve also erased her
from my mind.

4. Take the phrase “Hold That (Blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and write the poem. Possible titles include “Hold That Thought,” “Hold That Space,” “Hold That Poem,” or whatever else holds your attention.

Hold That and That and That
It’s always something when I order a meal.
Hold the cheese, the milk, the bacon, the bread.
The list is endless: red meat, wheat, gluten.
I wonder if a time will come
when I’ll be holding so much
that everything I eat
will taste like cardboard.

5. Write a plus poem. Plus can mean a lot of things, and even the act of addition could equate to subtraction.

Today’s list:
Write a poem
Write a journal entry
Write a blog post
Work on novel
(and this is the most important part)
Monitor the Putting a Face onSuicide page.
All other work stops for that.

* Robert is: Senior Content Editor for Writer's Digest writing community, poet, and father.

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