Monday, November 5, 2012

The November Poem A Day Challenge is in full force

While I don't intend to post every poem I write during this challenge, I'll start here with Day 1.

Here's the prompt: 

Write a matches poem. The matches could be sticks that make fire. Or it could be matches from a game. Or the verb of “to match.” Or as in the phrase “He’s not a good match for you.” Or whatever other match you can make.

And here's my attempt:

At the Match

She watches on the sidelines
hunched over, her arms, legs
fingers crossed for luck.
Her head looks left, then right
as the ball goes over the net
back and forth
back and forth.
She takes a deep breath
when her son loses a point,
then her head looks left and right

His opponent beats his racket
on the court when he misses,
sneering at his father
standing with his nose
at the fence.
But, calmness prevails.
Her son’s last shot,
his famous backhand down the line,
wins, and she knows
they’ll have a great drive

Ben, age 14

He had a few tennis trophies

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