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Featured Indie Book: Leaving the Hall Light On (Madeline Sharples)

Leaving the Hall Light On - Click to Read an Excerpt
Featured Indie Book on Indie Author News: Non-Fiction Advice / Bipolar Disorder and Suicide Leaving the Hall Light On - A Mother's Memoir of Living with Her Son's Bipolar Disorder and Surviving His Suicide - by Madeline Sharples.

Leaving the Hall Light On contains prose, poetry, and photos. And besides that, this quote from a reader who left a note on the Author's Facebook page recently probably says it all:

"Your book has opened my eyes to see the signs and symptoms to look and watch out for. I want to thank you for that. I am so scared that my son will kill himself too. I am trying to education myself on this disease and your book has given me a rude awaking. My son said to me that I am finally taking his disease seriously. Thank you."

The Book has been published via the Indie Publisher Dream of Things and is available as Paperback and eBook via Amazon, B&N and others – 340 pages – released in August 2012.

About the Book

Leaving the Hall Light On charts the near-destruction of one middle-class family whose son committed suicide after a seven-year struggle with bipolar disorder.

Madeline Sharples, author, poet and web journalist, goes deep into her own well of grief to describe her anger, frustration and guilt. She describes many attempts - some successful, some not - to have her son committed to hospital and to keep him on his medication.

The book also charts her and her family's redemption, how she considered suicide herself, and ultimately, her decision to live and take care of herself as a woman, wife, mother and writer.

Leaving the Hall Light On - Madeline Sharples
Click to Read an Excerpt

A note from the author: "I encourage you to read my book if you have been touched by bipolar disorder or suicide. And even if you have not, my book will inspire you to survive your own tragedies."

Reviews (Excerpts)

“My heart went out to you, Bob and Ben as I read your memoir. I felt like I was there with you in every word, sentence, paragraph, and page. The tragedy, discovery, anxiety, heartbreak, anger, tears, anguish, survival, and bereavement the three of you lived through for several years are the hardest tasks for any human being. The unanswered questions will never be known. I believe that Paul took his life to relieve your pain ... not knowing how it would impact your life forever. Suffering the loss of a loved one will take time to heal. I will send my prayers and positive energy to you, Bob, and Ben.” - Donna (Amazon)

“For anyone that has lost someone they love, this family can help you navigate your way through the darkness. It's clearly not easy, but it can happen. You can't have the same life, but a different, almost as good life. It is a sad but beautifully written book.” - Dina Kucera

“I could not put this book down - literally. The writing is so honest and raw. Her words touched me deeply. It is so well written that it was an extremely easy read, despite the painful descriptions of loss. It's about life's most profound pain and it is about reconfirming life. It's about dreams lost and finding meaning. The author remembers and celebrates the good times without (for a moment) letting go of the struggles. I always prefer nonfiction, especially memoirs, especially when you finish the book feeling like you really know - and care about - the author. Thank you for sharing your story. ” - Groupworker (Amazon)

“This book is a testament to the power of the human soul. It shows the strength of a woman and a family who had to go through the worst human tragedy, and get to the other side in a loving, peaceful and compassionate way. This is the most honest and heartfelt story about losing a son to suicide. She just tells it like it is and anyone can relate to that. They were just a normal regular family who had the worst happen to them. They all got out the other side stronger, closer, healthier, productive and positive. It makes you feel that nothing is too painful. Madeline Sharples lovingly tells the world that anyone can come out the other side, healed and excited about life. I cannot recommend this book more highly. I could not put it down. I loved this book. It make me want to run 20miles, eat healthy, write, create, see my friends and live my life to the fullest. Madeline is an incredible writer that leaves you wanting more. Extraordinary!! ” - Barbs (Amazon)

About the Author

Featured on Indie Author News: Madeline Sharples
Author Madeline Sharples
Madeline Sharples studied journalism in high school and college and wrote for the high school newspaper, but only started to fulfill her dream to work as a creative writer and journalist late in life. Her memoir, Leaving the Hall Light On: A Mother’s Memoir of Living with Her Son’s Bipolar Disorder and Surviving His Suicide, was released in a hardback edition in 2011 and has just been released in paperback and eBook editions by Dream of Things. It tells the steps she took in living with the loss of her oldest son, first and foremost that she chose to live and take care of herself as a woman, wife, mother, and writer. She hopes that her story will inspire others to find ways to survive their own tragic experiences.

She also co-authored Blue-Collar Women: Trailblazing Women Take on Men-Only Jobs (New Horizon Press, 1994), co-edited the poetry anthology, The Great American Poetry Show, Volumes 1 and 2, and wrote the poems for two photography books, The Emerging Goddess and Intimacy (Paul Blieden, photographer). Her poems have also appeared online and in print magazines.

Madeline’s articles appear regularly in the Naturally Savvy, PsychAlive, Aging Bodies, and Open to Hope. She also posts at her blogs, Choices and at Red Roomand is currently writing a novel. Madeline’s mission since the death of her son is to raise awareness, educate, and erase the stigma of mental illness and suicide in hopes of saving lives.

Madeline and her husband of forty plus years live in Manhattan Beach, California, a small beach community south of Los Angeles. Her younger son Ben lives in Santa Monica, California with his wife Marissa.

Links to the Author and the Book 

Link to the Author's Website 'Choices'

Connect with the Author via Twitter: @madeline40

Connect with the Author via Facebook: Madeline.Sharples

Link to the Paperback Leaving the Hall Light On on Amazon with Excerpt

Link to the Kindle eBook Leaving the Hall Light On on Amazon with Excerpt

Leaving the Hall Light On - Click to Read an Excerpt

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