Thursday, April 12, 2012

My role model redux

I wrote about my Aunt Helen, my role model, on February 28, 2011, and it's time for an update. In a couple of months she will be ninety-six years old, and she's still as sharp as ever. Unfortunately she's not in good health now. She's been battling a lung infection that keeps recurring.  

I went to visit her in her rehabilitation hospital yesterday and in spite of everything going on with her, she is still beautiful. Even her physical therapist remarked about her beautiful eyes.

Here she is at age eighteen - when everyone thought she looked like the movie star, Hedy LaMar.

And here she is just a few months ago (sorry this photo isn't too clear). 

We are thinking lots of healing thoughts for her right now so she can get out of that noisy rehab place soon.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post Madeline. What an amazing woman. We truly are blessed when we have these influences in our lives. I was reminded of 'The Eyes are the Window to the Soul'. Prayers and healing thoughts all the way from Australia.

madeline40 said...

Thanks, Jeff. Yes, I am so blessed to have her. She has always been so loving to me.