Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Patty "Next Door"

Beautiful Manhattan Beach Sunset

The sun is setting on my neighbor next door. Everytime I look toward her house - just on the other side of our wood slat fence, I feel sad. She's been battling pancreatic cancer for about two and a half years, and we were all optimistic at first because the chemotherapy seemed to be working. 

We've never been very close, but it's always nice to know she is there. And we're shared some good times - her daughter's wedding, a few special birthdays. We've also shared some tough times  - our Paul's death and the death of her daughter's infant. 

We'd have conversations from our deck or patio and a few dinners together. But that's over. We tried to visit last weekend, but her husband said it is too late. She stays in bed, sleeping most of the time because of doses of heavy painkillers, and has only days left.

Recently visitors arrived next door
with flowers and sad faces.
Made me wonder
if it’s Patty’s time.
She’s been struggling
with pancreatic cancer
for two and a half years,
with steady doses of chemo,
surgeries, anything to shrink
her tumor and ease her pain.
So Bob called and now I know.
She is in hospice care,
There is no more hope.
And we’ll take flowers to her
on Saturday.

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madeline40 said...

Patty died yesterday, Saturday, April 23, 2011.
We are very sad.