Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blogging tips

Last Friday night we were out with friends, one of whom is a computer software and website expert. And, he offered to help me optimize my blog so that I can get it out there to more folks -- mainly so more people will know about my very soon-to-be-released memoir, Leaving the Hall Light On

We haven't gotten together yet, but I look forward to his ideas.
[The book will be released in three weeks - May 8, 2011 - Mother's Day]

In the meantime, I spoke to my niece who started a blog a few months ago, and she's been extremely successful in getting people to read what she has to say about what's playing on televison. And she had some suggestions fthat have so far worked very well in getting more people to come by my blog.

So here's her advice:

  • Add tags (on blogspot they are called labels) that are actually keywords indicating what the blog is about at a glance
  • Add a list of links on my permanent right-hand side bar about helpful mental health support and suicide prevention organizations that I often mention
  • Add a photo and a photo caption with every post
  • Add a link within every post 
  • Go through every blog post in my archive and add, add, add these components. 

Well, I've started and the task is daunting. So far I've gotten through most of year 2011 - only a few posts left to look at and update in January. But, fulfilling each of these requirements is pretty daunting. I still don't have a photo or link included in every blog I've looked at so far, but I have managed to insert the tags.

And along the way,  I've managed to correct a few typos. You know, no matter how many times we writers look at a piece, we always find something to correct.

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