Saturday, January 22, 2011

Small Stones nineteen through twenty-two

I can't believe NaSmaStoMo is almost over. Here's my latest.

Jan 19: My toes on the bar, my heels stuck together in a Vee, I push out and in on the Pilates reformer. At the end I push out and flex my heels under the bar as far as they can go. Ahhh!

Jan 20: The canned lights hang from almost bare branches. Only a few crisp yellow leaves remain. The children playing underneath don’t mind.

Jan 21: I’ve already worked out two hours, had a half hour meeting with a friend about my critique of his class assignment, showered, shampooed, and dressed. Now finally I’m at my desk, watching the gurgling fountain from my office picture window, ready to write. Who said getting down to business is hard work?

Jan 22: My garden Buddha is now out from behind the tall palm tree. I'm happy to see his smiling face again.

Jan 22: The Spinning class instructor says don’t bounce; keep pedaling in a smooth, continuous motion. I could care less if I bounce or not. I’m just happy to be there.

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