Monday, October 25, 2010

A political intrusion

When I got to the gym this morning there was a campaign sign for Carly Fiorina sitting on the floor near the exit door. I was incensed, but I opted not to say anything about it until I was finished with my workout. 

I felt having it there was intrusive – like all the political emails, phone calls, and TV adds that intrude on my life every day. I go to the gym to get away from that stuff, not to have it around and thrown in my face. The gym is my time, supposedly free from the interruptions of daily life. Cells phones are outlawed there, so why not campaign signage? 

Well it turns out that someone else must have felt as I did, because the sign was gone when I was ready to leave. So I didn’t have to read anyone the riot act – which I would have done – but in a nice way.

I actually have a suspicion who brought it in - a very politically vocal woman. I hear her talking about politics almost every day. Even my ear buds can't drown her out.

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