Thursday, September 9, 2010

More about The Emerging Goddess

Some very exciting news about our photography/poetry book, The Emerging Goddess:

Paul Blieden, the photographer, and I will be interviewed next week by the arts editor of one of our local newspapers, The Easy Reader, and we expect to see the story in the September 23 or 30 issue.

Also Pages, our new independent bookstore downtown Manhattan Beach, will host a book signing and poetry reading in the store on October 21. My job is to get a couple of poetry readers for the event. Well, I have a couple of actors in the family. Perhaps they'll take on the job.

And, next summer in June or July, one of our local galleries, Cannery Row, will have an exhibition of Paul's beautiful and original "goddess" photographs and a poetry reading as well.

Things keep happening for this book. I think its time has come.

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Sundance Kidd said...

That's fantastic!!!