Saturday, March 6, 2010

More about More Magazine

A few comments about the More Magazine Reinvention Contest. 

Supposedly no more entries have been allowed since the end of February, but I had assumed voting could go on until March 26, the end date in the contest rules stated in the magazine. However, this week they’ve posted that the contest is over. Confusing at best. But, I think votes for me are still being counted. So please keep voting folks out there who might be reading this.

This process has been a real confront for me. I’ve asked everybody I can think of to vote: family, friends, work colleagues, and old buddies from high school. And I’ve found that a lot of people had no idea about Paul’s illness and death and how it’s affected my life. And, some of the comments I’ve gotten back from people have made me cry. At one point, I started crying so hard; it felt like I was reliving the whole experience of losing Paul again. It made me wonder whether this contest was worth it. I entered it to try to establish my writer’s platform – something I’ll need if I ever sell my memoir or any book for that matter. In fact the more writing credits and the more visibility I have the more chances I’ll have to get my book sold at all. It’s like a catch 22 – you have to be known to sell a book – especially a memoir, but how can you be known unless you’ve sold a book? It’s definitely crazy making.

Right now I’m nearing my goal of being one of the top ten contest vote getters – as of today I’m number 11. Perhaps if I get in the top ten, I’ll get some recognition in the print magazine. And, if so that would make the whole experience worth it.

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