Sunday, November 29, 2009

More November poems

The November PAD challenge is almost over. Here are a couple more from my collection.

November PAD 25
For today's prompt, I want you to write a temperature poem. Remember: Temperature can mean the heat outside, the heat of something (or someone), or even the temperament of someone.

My husband says lime sherbet
runs through my veins.
He could be right.
My hands and feet are always freezing
even in the hottest summer days.
But, remember that old saying,
“Cold hands, warm heart.”
I like to think my heart is warm
making up for my body’s chill.
And, that works fine for me.

November PAD 27
For today's prompt, I want you to write a poem involving a shape (or multiple shapes). You can make the shape the title of your poem, or you can work the shapes into the actual poem in some way. There are two dimensional shapes, of course, like squares and circles, but don't forget some of the other shapes available out there: horseshoes, coffee cups, houses, etc. After all, some objects become so iconic that they actually are considered shapes unto themselves.

The Shape I’m In

I’ve learned over time
that dieting doesn’t have a lot to do with it.
I’ll still have the thick waist I’ve had since puberty
and a straight up and down torso.
I’m a rectangle.
I’ll never be the ideal, the hourglass,
no matter how much I work out
or control what I eat.
I’ll never have big womanly breasts
that people can snuggle into,
hips that sway as I walk,
and a waist small enough
that a pair of hands can wrap around.
But I am lucky.
I’m not a triangle with a big top that tapers down
to skinny hips and legs
like my poor mother-in-law
who kept breaking her ankles
because they couldn’t support her weight.
I’m not the inverted triangle either,
tiny on top and wide from the waist down.
You see a lot of examples of those
on TV these days,
examples of how not to be.
No, I’ll keep the shape I’m in.
It’s served me well all these years.
And, I know better than
to try to change myself now.

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