Saturday, November 21, 2009

A couple more November offerings

November PAD 17
As mentioned above, today is Tuesday, which means we've got a "Two for Tuesday" offering. Remember: With "Two for Tuesday" prompts, you can write to either one or both (or none, if that's how you roll). Here are the two prompts:
1. Write an explosion poem.
2. Write an implosion poem.

We recently caused a small explosion
in a deep dark crater on the Moon.
A little satellite, called LCROSS,
crashed into it,
creating such a disturbance
that water vapor burst
out amidst the other debris.
After further investigation
that explosion exposed
the presence of water
on the Moon
in vast amounts.
Something we’ll surely use
as we continue in our omnipresent
quest for life beyond the Earth.

Note: Though I didn't work on this project or the proposal, I helped write the Aviation Week program excellence award application. We recently received notice that LCROSS won the award.

November PAD 19
For today's prompt, I want you to write an attachment poem. There are all kinds of attachments you could write about: physical, emotional, digital, etc. You could even write about your fear of attachment OR fear of no attachments OR fear of seeming to be afraid of attachment when really you're afraid of not being attached but you don't want other people to know that you know that...where was I?...oh yeah, write an attachment poem. Write it now.

I wear it everywhere.
It attaches to my clothes
on the wasteband
of my slacks or skirts.
It counts out my steps
and if I press a little button
it also tells me calories spent,
miles walked,
or the time of day.
My goal each day is 12,000 steps
and usually I overachieve.
Every year when it’s time to renew
my gym membership
I think about deleting
my step counting device
and the uploading software
from the menu of added perks I pay for.
I feel I’m much too attached to it
and much too obsessive about
amassing so many steps every day.
But, so far,
I can’t bring myself
to even begin process
of becoming unattached.
This little counter and I are
attached at the hip.

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