Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A special gift

On Sunday afternoon we went to the Wellness Community annual event at the Palos Verdes botanical gardens. We participated in the silent auction, ate some appetizers, I tasted an iced coffee latte with soy and a green tea soda, and Bob did some wine tasting. He was wearing a hat that said Manhattan Beach and a woman pouring wine asked him if he really was from Manhattan Beach. When he said yes, she wanted to know his name. He told her, and she knew exactly who he was because she had once been Paul’s teacher.

The coincidence was that she was recently going through her school things and came across a photo of Paul taken when he was in 6th or 7th grade at an international event at the school. He was wearing a sombrero and serape. Bob brought me over to see her, and I immediately recognized her. She then promised to send us the photo. And, sure enough she did – with the sweetest note. She said how blessed we were to have him in our lives for the short time he was with us.

What I come away with from this experience is that one never knows who will come into our lives with such a force and with such meaning. I never really knew this woman, the teacher, yet she knew my son so well that she remembered him perfectly after all these years. What a gift she gave us as a result.

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