Monday, March 16, 2009

I lied

I went back to my dermatologist and got shot up again. I know I said I wouldn’t do anymore as a way to save money, but I lied. I gave in to botox a couple of weeks ago and was persuaded to try another hit of Rystalane since it was offered at half price if I could find a friend to do it too. Well, my doc even found me the friend. However, I’m not sure of the effects of the Rystalane – injected into the lines from my mouth down into my chin and around my lips. All I know is, right now I’m still very black and blue – four days later. It’s not a pretty sight.

Magic Potion

I see deep furrows in my face
over my eyes, across my forehead,
from my nostrils, down into my chin.
They look like scars, my niece says
like her daddy has around his mouth.
Mine are the scars of age
earned through years of child rearing
work, parent care, long hours,
sleepless nights and family tragedies.
But, I’ll not let them be.
My needle-wielding dermatologist
injects each line with a magic potion
that will give me an illusion of youth
for another few months or so.

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