Saturday, March 28, 2009

A bucket list item failure

Nurturing my friends was definitely on my bucket list when I started this blog. And I haven't been successful at fulfilling this goal. I seem to be a failure both on the give and take sides. I don’t call and make dates with people enough, and when I do I give up after the first sign that connecting could be difficult.

My Thursday’s horoscope reminded me how important it is to nurture friendships, and how I’ve been a failure at it. I let work get in the way most of the time. Geography is also an issue. Some of my friends live on the other side of the city, and with my work schedule, I don’t want to or am too tired to take the time to fight the traffic for a lunch date. I also get bent out of shape if they won't make the trip to where I live once in a while. Right now I find myself at an impasse with a couple of people because they refuse to meet in my territory. As much as I want to see them and talk to them, I haven’t seen them in way too long.

Well, this piece has changed my mind. I’m going to contact them and get our friendships back on track.

Here's what the horoscope said:

"Take the time today to think about your friends. When was the last time you checked in with everybody and found out what is new in their life? Your friendships require effort to stay healthy, so make some dates with your favorite people for lunch, coffee, brunch, or maybe just a walk around the block. Impromptu socializing just isn't realistic sometimes, so plan ahead and show them that you want to make room in your life for them. They'll love to hear from you."

This is so true. Our lives are way too complicated these days to let nature take its course. We need to take the lead and proactively make things happen.

And, hopefully, keep our friends!!!

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