Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Another plan in the works

Today, I had a Pilates private session at noon. I need to get back into Pilates more. It is much better for me than Yoga because it’s not as strenuous and it’s better for stretching and balance.

So, my Pilates instructor and I talked about both our desires to live in Italy. She has actually gone so far as to start Italian classes through the South Bay adult school. She recommends starting there and then moving on to El Camino City College. So, now that’s my plan. This next year I’ll fulfill my goal to climb down the Grand Canyon – and promote my book once it gets published – and take enough Italian to get by once I get there. The following year I’ll be ready to live in Italy. And hopefully, Bob will agee to this plan by then. I think we can rent out house for at least $XK per month which should more than pay for living in Italy and traveling from there into some of the other places in Italy and other countries that we choose to go to. This is a perfect plan. Now I've just got to implement it.

It seems like I’m a bubbling cauldron of wants and needs. Well, why not? I’m not getting any younger. It’s time to formulate and then act on these things if I’m ever going to accomplish them.

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