Sunday, March 30, 2008

A foot in the door

Life is always a series of choices. I had to make another one this weekend. But it was a good decision to have to make. I got a positive response from the one and only agent I queried, saying she would be happy to read my manuscript. And, I'm totally stoked!

But, one of her conditions is that books she considers must not be under consideration by a publisher. Well, I submitted to a publisher way back in January and still haven't received any feedback. So, rather than gum up the works and have to explain all that to the agent, I decided to withdraw my book from their list of submissions -- unless, of course, they can give me an answer in the next week. I wonder how they’ll react to that. In fact, I wonder if they’ve ever had that happen before. But, I’m sure I’ve made the right decision. In fact, now that I’ve looked at this publisher's books over the last years, my book is definitely not a fit.

Now is the true test. Getting a foot in the door is great. Can I get a seat in the room to negotiate? That's the big question.

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