Tuesday, November 27, 2007

No U-turn for me -- Na-ah!

So, yesterday I get called into by boss’ office and he pulls out a large gray envelope. He partially pulls out the contents – I suppose he was trying to prevent me from reading everything he had on the page in front of him – actually, that would be impossible with my old eyes – but, that’s another story altogether. And, he informs me he feels so strongly about my excellent work this year, he wants to give me some money. In fact, he said he already gave me some money and that it would be reflected on my next paycheck – with taxes taken out, of course. But, even with the bonus and the kudos, I can’t stay here.

No. I’m not about to make a U-turn. I’m going to stay on the road that goes toward the exit. In fact, I’ve actually started on it. During my meeting yesterday I asked to be taken off the list of people to work the next big proposal. They had wanted me to work it so I can mentor someone taking a lead position for the first time. Well, I’ll always be available for advice and counsel. That doesn’t mean that I have to do the hard work of the proposal and work the late hours as well.

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