Thursday, August 30, 2012

Megaformer – the new improved Pilates?

I took a Megaformer class last night, invited by a friend. She told me she loves it. She goes four or five times a week, so I had to find out what it was all about.

 Megaformer - works with spring resistance 
like the Pilates reformer

Well one thing is for sure – it’s tough. Forty-five minutes of constant motion - moving that Megaformer up and back while leaning on our hands or elbows. And although the moves looked similar to some of my normal Pilates exercises and even like some Yoga positions, the class was a combination of cardio and resistance that really got my heart racing and the sweat pouring out.

Although I felt I could keep up reasonably well, I don’t recommend it to someone who is just starting an exercise program. The advertisement that the class is for all levels is misleading. One has to be fit to gain the advantages of working with the Megaformer. Otherwise it will be hard to stay with the class.

Lots of planks 

Now, the question is: will I ever go again? Knowing me, probably. But I won’t rush into it. I like my morning Pilates sessions much better. They are calmer – no loud music, no shout outs by the instructor. And I always feel very worked out when I finish. 


LindyLouMac said...

This does not sound like the sort of exercise I would take up either.

madeline40 said...

Thanks, Linda. Yes, It's a little more than either of us need.