Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's finally over

I am so sick of the negativity of both parties leading up to today's election that I hardly care anymore. I actually gave a cursory thought to not voting at all out of disgust. And now I wonder how many people felt the same way and carried it through.

The thing that fries me the most is the obscene level of money spent on campaigning. 

I wonder if there is a way that candidates can actually put their money where their mouths are. If they are for education or job creation, couldn’t they spend their campaign money on education or creating jobs? Then they could actually show the good they are doing before the election. We could believe what they say becasue their good products would be their proof. I’d definitely want to vote for someone like that. I don’t want to vote for people who spend millions on negative adds. Our economy is crying for help right now. There are starving people out there – starving for food and a proper education. That’s why in my mind using millions on negative campaigning is so obscene.

One of my friends said today that our forefathers would be spinning around in their graves if they knew what was going on now.  I agree. It’s not the country and behavior they intended when they created our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. But of course they had no idea how saturated we would be now with the wild spread of electronic information now reaching forest fire levels. We are out of control, and I worry that we don’t know how to reel ourselves back into normality.

But, never fear. I voted. I'd never miss a chance to do that. I just hope my vote really counts.

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