Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Moving on - in the book revisions and in life

I’ve finally finished reading my memoir front to back. I’ve noted typos, repeats, inconsistencies, and most important of all places where the information is just plain outdated. I finished the current draft over two years ago and a lot of the information has changed –  I can honestly say I have moved on.

I have turned into a much stronger person in the last two years and I need to express that in the book. Now I feel confident that this book will be about how I survived not just a repetitive the “oh woe is me” mantra about how my son was mentally ill and died and I’ll never get over it kind of thing. 

So, fixing the typos is easy. Taking out the inconsistencies and repetition is also easy. Reworking where I am with this today and what I’m doing now is the hard part. That combined with the new material I’ve gotten from Bob and Ben and their present feelings will definitely strengthen my story. Just getting it in there will take a lot of time and thought.

Well, that’s what I’m here for – to do the work. I’ve cleared the decks just to do that. And I have plenty of time if I don’t dawdle and procrastinate. Well, I’m trained to meet deadlines. I’m trained to write-review, write-review. And, that’s the way I plan to work on this book. And most of all I love what I’m doing. I’m so excited to have this work to do.

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