Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A new bucket list focus - my writing projects

Now that I'm a week and a half into my retirement it's time to lay out a plan for my writing projects. I've identified five so far:

My novel. First of all I need to begin by opening the files that have laid dormant for over a month and see if I can rejuvenate my interest in it again. Then, I commit to writing 300 words a day. This really doesn't seem like a lot since I can type away for 10 minutes on my journal and I'm already at over 400 words.

Two chapbook submissions. My Jazzman and The Emerging Goddess poems. I have a good foundation here. I have the current My Jazzman manuscript. However, I've decided to take out the non-Paul related poems and add some of the earlier and later poems I've written about him. That will take a little work -- deciding which ones to add and then revising as necessary. The goddess poems are what they are. I think they'll make a nice collection for a small chapbook.

The memoir revision. This task is more daunting. But, I've already begun the work here. My dear friend, also a writer, gave me some very good suggestions on how to proceed and she's agreed to read the manuscript and give me some notes. She is absolutely perfect for this since besides being a wonderful writer in her own right, she pretty much lived through this experience with me. I've also gotten Bob and Ben to agree to let me interview them. Their input will definitely help mold the survival aspects of the book.

My poem a week commitment. Since January I've been writing a poem a week about my imaginings about someone I don't know. I'm committed to keep that going

Blogging here and on my Red Room site. Blogging about my progress on the new bucket list will keep me honest. Just writing down the list here and barely outlining my plan of attack makes it seem more like a contract than a wish. So, I'll be back here from time to time to let you all know how I'm doing.

I'm also committed to continuing my poem and prose submissions. And, once in while these submissions pay off. Three of my twitter-length poems were published last week @unFold_mag on Twitter and four poems were selected for publication in the Survivor's Chronicle first issue. Not bad for one week's work.

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