Monday, January 4, 2010

At the movies

At the end of every year I spend a lot of time at the movies. The end of 2009 was no different. And, having a 12 day break between Christmas eve and January 4, 2010 helped a lot. My goal is to catch up on the latest releases because those are the ones that are likely to get the Academy Award nominations.

So, here's the list of movies I've seen lately, not counting those I've seen via Netflix (by the way, I recommend them all -- even the panned Nine if only for Daniel Day Lewis and his bevy of beauties):

The Blind Side
An Education
Up in the Air
It's Complicated
Sherlock Holmes

And, here's the list of those I still want to see:

Where the Wild Things Are
The Serious Man
A Single Man
Me and Orson Wells
The Young Victoria
Bright Star
The Road (maybe)

So, you can see I'm ready to go to the movies at any given moment . Give a holler and you can join me.

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