Sunday, October 18, 2009

I can definitely relate

We saw "August Osage Country" today with Estelle Parsons. The writing and acting are brilliant. And, so is Estelle's ability to run up and down one or two flights of stairs several times during the play.

There was a Q&A with Estelle in the program. Here's the question and answer I could definitely relate to:

"Q: Everyone marvels at how you go up and down those stairs. How do you stay in shape?

"A: I've been very physically active all my life. Dance lessons, yoga, running, hiking. I would have loved to have been a skier or a tennis player if I weren't an actor. I run or swim or go to the gym everyday, and also do yoga. i started doing weights when I got into my 60s, and have had a lot of trainers. When you get older, your strength dissipates very quickly. It probably starts in your 60s, but when you get into your 70s, if you don't walk a mile for a couple of weeks, pretty soon it's hard work to walk a mile. So, I've always kept up with it...I just can't help myself...."

I've never heard the reason for keeping fit on into our old age so succinctly put. And, now that I'm pushing 70 it's nice to have validation that I shouldn't slack off. I used to think I owed myself a break once I reach a certain age. But, that isn't so at all. I think I need to more diligent as I age. Plus, like Estelle -- I can't help myself.

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