Sunday, August 10, 2008

Book news

Needless to say I got a rejection from Sentient Press -- in just about one week's time. But my conversation with Connie, the publisher has continued because she didn't return my manuscript with the rejection letter. So she offered to pay for my printing costs. Once she got the amount she said she would send me a check in a day or two. Then she wrote that the check was sent unsigned. Here’s what she wrote:

Now I’m really embarrassed. We sent the check out to you, but I don’t think it got signed. You’re going to think we’re completely incompetent, and I guess I wouldn’t blame you. The person cutting the checks has not been well for the past few days, and I think he sent out two checks without signatures. He went home sick today, so I can’t ask him about it, but I’m pretty sure your check wasn’t signed. The bank won’t take it, of course, so I’m going to need for you to return it to me to be signed, if it isn’t. I apologize again, and I’d like to offer you a free book for your trouble. Please go to our website and choose a book and let me know which one you want.

And, what I want to write back to her – once I actually receive a signed check from her is:

You know, Connie, my perception of competence has to do with not having a preconceived negative impression of a book before reading it and giving all books that cross your desk the dignity of a thorough and complete reading. Thank you for the check, but no thanks to your offer of a for free book. All I ask of you is that you give my friend’s book, The Art of Aging, the care and attention to detail it deserves.

Bob says I must be careful about what I write. Well, I don’t think the above is too negative and it certainly doesn’t have the expletives I would like to include, so what do I have to lose? Well, I have time to think on it and in the meantime I’m going to spend the rest of this afternoon sending out three more queries.

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