Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More about choices

I've been asked to submit a memory book page for my 50th high school coming up next September. And, of course, for me the subject is the choices I’ve made and where those choices led me.
It really is a matter of the road taken and not taken, and looking back, I wonder if the road I took was the right one. It seems that early on I made rash and wild choices – like deciding to transfer to UCLA for my senior year in college and marry my first husband before I even graduated. That that marriage didn’t last was predictable because I entered into it for all the wrong reasons, yet, it did get me to settle in Southern California where I’ve lived most of my life since. If I hadn’t I wouldn’t have ended up with my second and last husband, Bob – definitely one of the best choices of my life.
This theme of choices seems to be very much on my mind these days. My early choices laid out the pattern of my life so far. My next choices will lay out the rest of it. Not a complicated concept. Just another affirmation that we are the creators of our own destinies. There really are no accidents in how we are to turn out. And, there really is no reason why we have to be stuck in any choice we make. We are at choice to change our minds.

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