Tuesday, January 29, 2008

One step at a time

I've taken the first step toward getting my book published. I got my first book submittal out -- a book synopsis and the first 50 pages -- as requested. I know it’s going to be a long, long process, but it has to start sometime. I decided to submit to a publisher, Kore Press, that specializes in women writers during its January open submission period before submitting to any agents. Kore will send me a written critique even if it isn’t interested, and if it is, it will ask to see the whole book. Just meeting this milestone is so exciting. I was so busy at work the last three weeks, I had doubts that I'd make the January 31 postmark deadline. Well, I did with four days to spare.

And now that the big work push has subsided a bit, I’m getting my life back together – grocery shopping, medical appointments, a facial, maybe a peel – I’m looking into one called the Vi peel that is supposed to do wonders for aging skin and only needs to be repeated three to four times a year. In the meantime, I’m going in for a massage on Friday, hair and nails on Saturday, and a facial on Sunday. Maybe by then I’ll feel like a human being again.

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